The Peoples School for Marxist-Leninist Studies has been paying close attention to the events unfolding in Israel and Palestine since the October 7th “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” near Gaza. The current Netanyahu government in Israel has responded by declaring war on Hamas, and starving, raiding, and bombing Gaza and the West Bank. The Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said “we are fighting against human animals” as he announced a complete siege of Gaza earlier this month.

Since October 7th, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has begun bombing Gaza, and it has forcibly evacuated the northern part of the strip. After telling the 1.1 million evacuated Gazans to evacuate to the southern part of the strip, the IDF then bombed the Rafah border crossing at the southern border of Gaza with Egypt. The Netanyahu regime has sent airstrikes against hospitals and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) facilities. The regime has used white phosphorus munitions for these airstrikes, similar to horrid napalm used against Vietnam. The IDF has been recorded bombing mosques and churches in Gaza, including Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church, the oldest church in Gaza.

Over 1,400 Israelis were killed in the initial attacks on October 7th. Since then, well over 10,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed by the Israeli Defense Force. More Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli forces in the last month than in the last 15 years since 2008. Approximately 68% of Gaza’s population, over 1.4 million people out of a little over 2 million, have been displaced, as compared to about 200,000 Israelis. A humanitarian disaster in Gaza has
developed as healthcare is collapsing and all food, medical care, and water to Gaza has been blocked for days.

What is happening in Palestine right now mirrors the ghettos of Nazi-occupied Europe during the Second World War. The events in Palestine also share similarities to the treatment of the people of the Donbas region in the Ukraine since 2014. The Netanyahu government’s aggression should be considered as a genocidal act which the United States imperialists are gleefully aiding to the tune of billions of US tax dollars.

The situation also has the potential to spiral out of control in the region, especially as missiles have been flying back and forth between Israel on one hand and Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen on the other. Furthermore, the United States has been ramping up propaganda about Iran’s involvement. Amid the backdrop of the war in Israel and Palestine, after attacks on US bases in Syria and Iraq, the United States has just carried out airstrikes in Syria against what it is calling “Iran-backed forces” similar to early 2020.

Genocidal war has torn the Middle East apart for over 50 years, especially in the last two decades since the launch of the United States’ “War on Terror.” The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, in which US imperialism is intimately involved, will only lead to overwhelming bloodshed and catastrophe. With the war in Europe between NATO-backed Ukrainian fascists and Russia, and the increasing potential for a conflict in the Pacific between western forces and
China, the military conflict which is emerging in the Middle East increases the danger of a global nuclear war.

On October 15th, 2023, Russia requested the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) vote on a draft resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire. The vote was rejected by the United States, Britain, France, and Japan. On October 18th, the United States vetoed a United Nations (UN) Resolution calling for “humanitarian pauses” and also vetoed a similar UNSC resolution by Brazil. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that a ceasefire would amount to Israeli surrender, and “that will not happen.”

Gaza is now under siege and people are dying every minute.

The Peoples School for Marxist-Leninist Studies joins in with millions of people across the world who are standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine. We call for an IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE in Gaza, cessation of military operations and Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip. We call for the UNSC to be responsible in replacing a military force into Gaza to separate the warring parties and allow immediate humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The Peoples School also calls for nations to abide by and reaffirm UNSC Resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), and 2334 (2016) which include the establishment of an independent, sovereign, Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders, and the capital set in East Jerusalem!


PSMLS Board of Directors